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    About Us

    REACH Air Medical Services offers membership for the Big Bear Valley.

    Each and every hour of each and every day, the people of REACH are alert for the call that can mean saving a life.

    A premature baby weighing just two pounds needs transport to specialized care 100 miles away. An accident victim whose survival depends on timing and skill gratefully hears the helicopter arriving. Whoever the person, whatever the location, no matter the injury or illness, the people of REACH are on the way.

    We will always be available and prepared to provide customer-oriented, high-quality patient care, in a safe and efficient manner. In every situation, we will do what is right for the patient.

    Behind every call for service and every transport is a team of professionals driven by compassion. REACH employees strive to deliver excellent care to patients and their loved ones.

    The REACH team of medical professionals, pilots, maintenance technicians and communication specialists is known for having extensive experience in their fields of expertise. These experienced individuals receive continuous training to ensure the highest quality of care and transport of patients in an airborne environment.