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    Meeting Highlights - September 13, 2018

    The meeting was called to order at 9:03 am by Co-Chair Austin Marshall. 

    John Harris/City Dept. of Public Works

    John reported that the Village roads project to apply slurry seal had to be rescheduled as the equipment caught on fire.  Both streets were to be closed today.  The 22-streets rehabilitation project is near wrap-up and they hope to finish by first week of October.

    Weekly conference calls are ongoing with Charter, Verizon/ Frontier representatives and the city to make progress on removing the utility poles from the Boulevard. A limited encroachment permit has been issued to give them until November 12 to complete their undergrounding wires project.

    Reggie Lamson/City Dept. of Water

    Reggie reported that they are pursuing a $15 million in grants to do a pipeline replacement project west of Division. Big Bear has two eligible areas.  The project will begin next spring and last for four years.  The streets will have to be torn up to replace the pipelines, but every effort will be made to lessen the impact on the public and get the word out.

    The Department has just begun the Bear Valley Water Sustainability Project, the Replenish Big Bear project, to replenish and stabilize water in the Lake. The project will sustain two million gallons in the lake daily, with a small portion of that going to the lake at Shay Meadows.  The project will stabilize the fish habitat and put sustained water in the Stanfield Marsh, a federal waterfowl reserve.  The project will benefit not only the mountain, but also off the mountain as well.  It is estimated that there will be a year before preliminary work is done and the project itself will be operational five years after that.  

    Robert Dalquest/City Dept. of Planning

    Bob reported that the Blue Green Time Shares on Village are planning to add 37 units in two years.  Also, the Castlerock trail head will be moved to a safer site with more parking. Two restaurants are going in on Village drive, adjacent to the North Pole Fudge shop, demolition is in the plan. The Board of Realtors are expanding their office to add a conference room.

    Darien Schaefer/Visitors Bureau

    Darien reported that while first quarter receipts were down, second quarter was up 33%, largely due to increased marketing. The new Director of Marketing is Eddie Kersh, from Sarasota, Florida. He and his wife are new residents.  The third quarter marketing will focus on Big Bear as a four-seasons resort.  Two big promotions are underway: Big Bear Scare and FallTackular.  

    Scott Swift/Caltrans

    Scott reported that the Arctic Circle winter road preparations would start October 2 for a month, with work split between daytime and nighttime hours, but no Fridays or weekends.  The Rt. 18 Waterman guardrails project is ahead of schedule. Caltrans has not started paving on Rt. 38 yet, but the ADA ramps are finished. The erosion project in Fawnskin is wrapping up soon.  The backend of Rt. 18 asphalt project is set to start after the Running Springs project wraps up, probably the end of September or early October.

    He noted that Caltrans is experiencing a lot of equipment issues, as much of it is 25+ years old and is breaking down more frequently. They have a new public information officer for maintenance.  He also noted that there is a 75% change of another El Nino this winter.

    Mike Salinas/California Highway Patrol

    Mike introduced himself as new divisional director.

    Chris Carter/ California Highway Patrol PIO

    Chris reported that traffic fatalities and accident injuries are down as the result of adding a substantial number of new officers to write tickets, increase visibility and respond.  There is a free child car seat check event at Community Church September 14, where qualified persons may get a free child car seat.  At the CHP office in Running Springs, CHP is holding an Open House and Car Show. 

    Mary Huether/Bear Valley Electric Service

    Mary announced that the Big Bear Utility Challenge is on November 15, 5-9 pm at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  Admission is either $5 or five cans of food. It features a ping pong tournament and a chili contest.

    Phil Pivovaroff/Bear Valley Electric Service

    Phil is operations manager for BVES.  He reported that between 50 to 60 people attended the September 11 public hearing on the utilities’ plan to lessen risk of Wildfires through monitoring wind speed and shutting off electricity if wind speed exceeds a certain measure. The next public hearing is on September 25.   The wind speed measure proposed in this plan has not been reached in the past 10 years.  Trees across the street from power lines are the biggest concern.  Their aggressive tree trimming project has lessened impact from trees located next to power lines.

    The utility is looking at placing more underground lines, but high cost is the main issue in doing so.

    Liz Harris/County Supervisor James Ramos

    Liz reported that Supervisor Ramos is running for the state Assembly and if he wins, she will be out of a job and “semi-retired.” The Trails Advisory Board project to add more trailheads is making great progress with the assistance and cooperation of various county departments.  Liz noted that penalty fees begin December 1 for the new Zoo contractor. Once completed, the animals will move to the new location and the zoo will officially open Spring 2019.  The Rose Parade Float Association is two-thirds to their fundraising goal. Liz commended the community for their incredible support.  She encouraged people to attend the Chambers’ Curb Appeal on October 24.

    Steve Brouard/Mountain Transit

    Steve reported that they are providing shuttle service for the Wine Walk Saturday from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. And every day at Octoberfest from 6:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

    Paul Hernandez/William Wong/ NooDoe EV Chargers    

    Provided a brief overview of their EV charger product and fielded questions from participants.


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