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Big Bear News for Non-Residents

The Chamber is pleased to announce a newsletter just for non-resident Big Bear second homeowners.

2HQ is free and will be published four times a year! The first issue goes out March 15.  Subscribe by emailing your name to the Chamber.  That’s it! 

Your information will not be given to anyone else!  The Quarterly will be distributed solely by email.   Content will include the following and more.

  • Local advice about property care and maintenance
  • Roads, travel and winter chain restrictions
  • Local government ordinances
  • Local service providers and utilities
  • Big Bear weather
  • Community happenings and events
  • Insider tips for all things Big Bear
  • Lake use  and fishing 
The Big Bear Chamber Of Commerce

It's Friday - It's the Chamber eNews

Every single Friday, the Chamber emails its members the weekly eNews.  eNews has all the news about business, the Chamber, our events, helpful business links, legislative information, new utility programs, road maintenance and repair news, local government, and our wonderful Big Bear community.   

It’s for our members only!

Emergency and Promotional eBlasts

The Chamber emails its members a promotional eBlast on Wednesdays to member and non-member businesses and their representatives.  Promotional eBlasts are only available to our members for $35 per week.

Special Alert eBlasts are sent out to inform businesses of road issues, weather events and natural disasters and more.