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Event DateApptEvent Name
2/12/2016   Hal Ketchum Acoustic Trio @ The Cave
2/13/2016   Judy Collins @ The Cave
2/13/2016   Bald Eagle Celebration
2/13/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/13/2016   Bald Eagle Volunteer Count
2/13/2016   Animal Tracking
2/13/2016   Celebrate Valentine's Weekend with The Mountain Cafe
2/14/2016   Valentine's Day at Mirando's Lakeside Italian Restaurant
2/14/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/14/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/14/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/14/2016   3rd Annual Valentine's Day Sweetheart Ball Fundraiser
2/14/2016   Point Break Live @ The Cave
2/15/2016   Romantic Valentine's Day at The Pines Lakefront
2/15/2016   Wolf Creek Wine Room Valentine Dinner
2/16/2016   Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting
2/16/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
2/18/2016   Children's Storytime
2/18/2016   Literacy Tutor Training at the Big Bear Lake Branch Library
2/18/2016   Live Jazz at The Pines Lakefront
2/19/2016   Buckcherry @ The Cave
2/20/2016   Fishbone @ The Cave
2/20/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/21/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/22/2016   New Volunteer Orientation for the Big Bear Lake Branch Library
2/23/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
2/24/2016   Chamber Movie Night
2/25/2016   Children's Storytime
2/25/2016   Children's Storytime
2/27/2016   The Amazing World of Dog Sledding
2/27/2016   DSB- a tribute to Journey @ The Cave
2/27/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
2/27/2016   Animal Tracking
2/28/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
3/1/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
3/3/2016   Live Jazz at The Pines Lakefront
3/3/2016   Children's Storytime
3/3/2016   Bear Valley Communities Community Plan Outreach: What We Value
3/4/2016   Polar Plunge Registration Party @ The Cave featuring The Morgan Leigh Band and JR Snow & The Regulators
3/5/2016   Kissed Alive @ The Cave
3/5/2016   Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours
3/6/2016   The Big Bear Polar Plunge
3/8/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
3/10/2016   Government Affairs/ Regional Traffic Advisory Committee
3/10/2016   Children's Storytime
3/12/2016   Bald Eagle Celebration
3/12/2016   Bald Eagle Volunteer Count
3/12/2016   Animal Tracking
3/15/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
3/15/2016   Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting_584 (Copy)_84 (Copy)
3/17/2016   Children's Storytime
3/17/2016   Live Jazz at The Pines Lakefront
3/19/2016   Animal Tracking
3/19/2016   Greenthumbs
3/22/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day
3/22/2016   Networking Mixer!
3/24/2016   Children's Storytime
3/26/2016   Reverend Horton Heat @ The Cave
3/29/2016   Organic Grocery Delivery Day