Here at Home
    City Cracks Down on Temporary Signs - The City of Big Bear Lake plans to enforce the removal of temporary signs that are not permitted. City development and municipal code section 17.12.150. Read more in The Big Bear Grizzly.
    Boat Launch Ramp Openings Announced - Early season hours for the West Ramp Duane Boyer - opens Sunday April 1 from 6:00 am to 6 pm. East Launch Ramp Carol Morrison opens May 10 from 6 am to 6 pm. Note this launch ramp is for NON-motorized vessels only.
    Big Bear Mountain Resorts - Beginning Monday, April 8, all Big Bear Mountain Resort winter operations will be held at Snow Summit for the remainder of the 2017/18 season. 
    Septic Maintenance on Boulevard - From April 2-13 the City will be conducting maintenance on the City’s sewer system on the Boulevard, including a partial lane closure between Stanfield Cutoff and Lakewood Lane. Read more.
    Road Closings in Village - The city of Big Bear is closing Village Drive and Pine Knot Avenue on May 1 and 2 respectively to apply a slurry seal on the asphalt. Businesses were notified Feb. 26. Contact jharris@citybigbearlake.com or call (909) 253-3201.
    Caltrans Dumpsters on Routes 18 & 38 - Caltrans implemented a pilot program this winter to reduce refuse on these routes by placing dumpsters. The agency has been monitoring the weather, and placing units in place prior to snowstorms. The units are picked up Monday mornings. Big Bear Disposal is checking for overflows or illegal dumping on the weekends. The program will end the first week of May.
    High-Collision Reduction Campaign - The Arrowhead CHP has begun a program to lower the mileage death rate and number of injuries through traffic safety public awareness, education, and enforcement. Learn more by calling 909-867-2791.
    From the Feds
    Drought Disaster Loans Available - Small non-farm businesses may apply for low interest federal disaster loans, including San Bernardino County. The deadline is November 8, 2018. Read More.
    From our friends at the IRS - Join @IRSnews to support an IRS Thunderclap campaign promoting a national "Paycheck Checkup" to encourage people to review their tax withholding. Read More.
    Happening in the Area
    2nd Annual Fair Housing Conference - The Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board are hosting the conference on April 11 at the Sheraton Ontario Hotel for government, non-profits, realtors and others to share current fair housing trends. Register Here.
    News You Can Use
    Think Again about the Role of Small Business in the US Economy. There is more to the impact of small business than you may think. Read More.
    Why Business Marketing is SO Important - Here are 6 reasons why: first it informs your audience about your offerings and who you are. Read More.
    Improve Crisis Communications Through Partnerships View Free Webinar Here.